MOOK Bookstore

Beijing 2016-08

PROJECT LOCATIONYizhuang Beijing, China
SIZE2nd Floor
DESIGN PERIOD03.2016 - 06.2016
CONSTRUCTION PERIOD07.2016 - 08.2016

Mook Bookstore locates in Yizhuang Culture Park in Beijing. This bookstore is on the first floor of a commercial street beside Lincoln Park. The store is quite secluded for its quiet and peaceful surrounding.

The core of this design concept is “everybody’s study room”. A conventional study room is a private space for studying and reading at home. Being “everybody’s study room”, this private space at home is converted into a communal space. In the aspect of atmosphere, the design should provide a sense of home. In the aspect of function, this project should be welcoming and fulfill the needs of a shared space.

The original space is small. In order to use this limited space efficiently, a mezzanine floor built from steel structure is added into the project. This design was focused on three aspects including the extension of space, the interactive between mezzanine floors and the complexity of functions.

This design has a clear axis. The axis stars from a showcase of best sellers on the second floor, which is near the entrance. It passes through a connected central reading zone formed in a rectangular box and a T shaped stair then ends on the first floor. Bookshelves

and tea bars are located on both sides of this axis. Visually, this design of axis gives people a sense of extension.

The arrangement of mezzanine floor is also a key element as for the height of usable indoor space is only 3.9 meters. After a mezzanine floor is added, part of indoor space is divided into a lower level with the height of 1.88 meters and an upper level with the height of 2.05 meters. The layout of this mezzanine is composed of a crossing shaped mezzanine and a U shaped part surrounding the center. The rest space is full height. The contrast between cramped mezzanine space and bright full height space enhances the interactive between spaces.

The efficiency of using space is also enhanced by the complexity of functions. For example, the lower level in that central reading box is reading zone while the upper level in that box is a multi-functional area where integrated the function of cashier desk, bars and storage. Some seats are placed near shelves for clients to read and rest.