Good Time Community Centre

Beijing 2017-07

PROJECT NAMEGood Time Community Centre
SIZE2th Floor
DESIGN PERIOD06.2016-10.2016

Undertake a variety of media, business and cultural exchanges, this space is divided into the foreground, activity hall, guest room, VIP reception room and auxiliary area with renovation.  The space height also change as the type of space changing, present a different space effect. The simplified arch is to be elements of ceiling, different directions of arch divided different areas, but at the same time the arch also achieve a smooth transition, to satisfy the metabolic and fluent unified effect of the space.

The space is made of plain cement, with the original wood color, while showing the sense of calm and gentle relatives. Clean wooded furniture with brass cupboard door, showing a modern style. Compared with the arch of western architecture, bringing out harmony contrast. We can see the mixed culture from an interweave of form and texture.

The foreground and VIP lounge are arranged in a natural light area, and the entrance retains the transparent glass to ensure that the entrance and bar areas are clean and bright. Reception area on the second floor chooses adjustable wood louver which is matching with spaces. We choose ultrawhite electrolytic glass as wall surfacing of inner space to satisfy the private require of watching activities which is based on consonant texture.

The activity hall retains the high effect and uses the height advantage to design a big step that can be used for viewing. In order to meet the space requirements of different activities, the large steps can be retractable. When the steps are fully unfolded, it can contain about 70 people with speech, report and other activities. When the steps are packed up, it can accommodate up to 40 people to watch 3 or 4 persons’ performances. The large step’s opposite, ceiling conceal a width of 4 meters of projection curtain depends on it’s arc-shaped which is equipped with sound equipment accordingly. When the lights are turned off, the curtain goes down and the hall becomes a small theater. The ceiling of the second floor to connect activity hall was hidden in the ceiling, which was used for hanging the drawing, and could be turned into a miniature gallery when needed.

This is a space of less than 200 ㎡ contains business and commercial activities, negotiation, rest and so on various functions and needs. It makes the space has variability through the use of materials and technology, thus, it also contains the core of cultural integration from material and form.