Dyson Pop-up Store in Beijing

Beijing 2017-10

PROJECT NAMEDyson Pop-up Store in Beijing
PROJECT LOCATIONLG2 at Parkview Green, Beijing, China
DESIGN PERIOD06.2016 - 09.2017

Project is located at the LG2 atrium of Beijing, Qiaofu Parkview Green.

Dyson as the British black technology brand, has been concerned about the living and living-related factors. Clean air and orderly circulation of the wind, is a high living quality room essential factors. As the modern living environment is getting higher and higher, indoor air circulation cycle is not ideal, but they have always been ignored by people because the air is not visible. Thus, the importance of air and circulation is the key of design.The design is to create a room “blown by the wind”, freezing the moment when the curtain was blown by the breeze. The result is a sculptural space. The exhibition tells a story of air. The space is not tidy and static but randomly flowing, just like “being touched by the wind”, a space with a rhythm”.

The interior of exhibition space is composed of four scenes in the ordinary family. This space creates physical walls in the form of a flat plan, weaken the physical wall’s oppressive feeling. In addition, the main color of space is white, while the furniture is also the form of wireframe design , as a result, weakened the role of furniture, representing the function of the Dyson products.

As winter comes around and people often close up their doors and windows, let people think about the air they live with through this exhibition.