Nescafe Sense Cafe

Beijing 2017-09

PROJECT NAMENescafe Sense Cafe
PROJECT LOCATIONOrange exhibition hall, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
CLIENTNescafe Company
SIZE1th Floor
DESIGN PERIOD07.2017 - 08.2017

The village is full of rustic atmosphere, full of  birds and flowers. It can see the stream quietly flowing and the cattle and sheep on the hillside. The exhibition,called village,brings people with the feeling of being fresh and comfortable, and is different from the metropolis. It inspires a variety of sense in diverse space.In order to create the consciousness of a small village in the city, the black bar run through five rooms of different forms and feelings.

The gap between the rooms is like the streets and squares of the village, and the box itself is the epitome of the village’s house.In combination with the experience of the cafe, the following five boxes of different materials are generated: sense of self, sense of freshness, sense of belonging, sense of security, sense of achievement.

Sense of self: to separate a person's small space in the shared area, the exhibition provide people in the exclusive space to enjoy the coffee. 

Sense of freshness: waves or hills? Put aside the traditional feeling in cafe shop, it could bring custom with the freshly space experience.

Sense of belonging: the circle shaped , is a form of cohesion. The round table symbolizes the joy, reunion . Seated, drink, will bring people back to relax, free ownership.

Sense of security: sitting in different levels of the round shaped to see the crowd, to experience a sense of security.

Sense of achievement: 400mm * 400mm * 400mm box pile up into a space to bring the culmination of the achievements of experience.