Hutong 02 in Beijing

Beijing 2015-07

PROJECT NAMEHutong 02 in Beijing
PROJECT LOCATIONNanluoguxiang, Beijing, China
CLIENTB.L.U.E. Architecture Studio
SIZE1st Floor

While designing for this renovation project of Nanluoguxiang tenements, we no1ced the two houses are extremely small, only with area of 3.6 m2 and 2.8m2. Thus we emphasized on its flexibility to fulfill more func1ons, including the variability and flexibility in both ver1cal and horizontal directions. 

In the small private kitchen, there is an extendable table that could serve for 2, 4, 8 people in different conditions. When serving for 8 people, the south facing wall will be totally opened, allowing the table to be extended into the yard; meanwhile the sliding rack could be pulled out to serve as a shading device. 

In the bottom part of small bedroom area, we referenced the “haoshe” system of imperial examinations

in former times of China – table top and seat could be adjusted to a certain height to serve as bed deck. We designed 5 different heights for wood panels that the room’s func1on could be switchover in teahouse, shop, and bedroom, qualifying the purpose of flexibility in small space. Moreover, in the upper part of bedroom, we take the advantage of contemporary technology-­‐ motor lifting bed and stainless steel wire to adapt potential needs and requirements in the future, successfully combined the wisdom in former time and modern technology.