Xiezuo Hutong Capsule Hotel in Beijing

Beijing 2017-08

PROJECT NAMEXiezuo Hutong Capsule Hotel in Beijing
PROJECT LOCATIONXiezuo Hutong No.44, Beijing, China
CLIENTZIROOM Hotel Management Co., Ltd


SITE AREA1,300 ㎡
DESIGN PERIOD01.2017 - 03.2017
CONSTRUCTION PERIOD04.2017 - 08.2017

The project is located in the core of old town Beijing. Close to Zhang Zi-zhong road, the ancient charm and modern style of the government add radiance and beauty to each other, which is incredibly fun.

The building is connected by two courtyards. Walking into a Chinese red gate, there is a courtyard. The left side is the front desk, and the right side is the indoor audio-visual reading area. The indoor audiovisual reading area is facing the front courtyard of the white polar. The glass brick hide in the front courtyard wall to bring soft lighting for the room. In the twilight, the warm yellow light reflected from the vitreous brick, interlaced with the modern light and shadow matrix.

The eastern corridor of the front yard is a shared corridor for recreation, which help extend the street of hutong and city, forming a ‘half outdoor’ new space. The grey brick and public furnitures become the connection of the past and present. The whole corridor runs through the front and back yard, using the floor-to-ceiling windows to get a beautiful view of the courtyards. The corridor looks like a long hutong, visiting tourists, guests and neighbors can meet and communicate here. And through the public furnitures bring a unique communication.

The courtyard is the most interesting point of Chinese ancient building. Along the corridor to the backyard, the corner of the east side is a small landscape surrounded by green tiles. Through the backyard, we can go through the south side stairs to the second floor. The terrace of the second floor is connected by the roof of a corridor, forming a typical Beijing hutong cultural experience, siting between the roof tiles and the shade of the trees, listening to the cicadas in summer and watching the snow in winter.

The front and backyard guest rooms are both equipped with a bathroom area with smart biker, smart laundry drying equipment. The modern technology gives the traditional architectural functions new possibilities.